Agrotourism – Let’s farming together!

Bali is famous for the rug of green rice paddies panorama which becomes part of Balinese society’s life. In order to know more about tropical corps, d'PaOn has a private greenhouse where we plant an organic corps with hydroponic method. d'PaOn is not only provide a fresh product directly from the farm, but we also invite you to join our activity in planting any kind of tropical corps organically. We want to give you a real experience in farming from sowing the seed until taking care of it. Near the farming location you also can experience yourself with cycling amid the rice field, enjoy the tranquillity feeling by seen to the green and fresh view of the paddies.

Hydroponic – A whole different technique of urban agriculture

As one of the eco-tourism developer, d'PaOn supports the hydroponic method to plant and grow a corps organically. Hydroponic growing systems use a soilless growing media and provide all of the plant's nutrition in the plant's water. This planting method is suitably implemented in an urban area where the soil becomes the matter to plant a corps. d'PaOn gives you a chance to experience how to plant and raise the seed organically with a hydroponic method at our greenhouse. We will provide all of the tools needed to conduct this planting method. After joining our activity, you can try implemented this method at home, planting a natural organic-based with less soil and water.